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May 2, 2014 3:00am EDT
and president obama find common ground in confronting russia. >> pfizer ups its bid for astrazeneca. bayer is in exclusive talks to buy merck's consumer business. morning, everybody. you are
May 1, 2014 3:00am EDT
transition. we are worried about russia, and yet, the markets are brushing everything off. >> that is right. that is not so much complacency. people are concerned about a lot of things. there are a lot of headwinds out there. simply, we have seen the central banks have maneuvered the markets into believing there is a put out there. every pullback is seen as an opportunity. >> what happens with the ecb? with the ecb, we arrived at what the limit of the central banks can do. japan is aggressive. the fed has been aggressive. the ecb has a japanese problem. >> that's right. they would like inflation to be higher. they'd like growth to be higher. we heard earlier on the show the eurozone is putting up the pressure on the euro. so i think there is a conundrum there. i think the markets are doing what they did three or four years ago with the pressure on the sovereign spreads. they are almost willing, the ecb, to act. >> what is your best bet for the next couple quarters? >> i thi nnk i was to remain log risk assets. that can be obviously equities. we have been talking about dividends for years. w
Apr 30, 2014 3:00am EDT
call. everybody wants to hear about russia. a very sizable interest in russia. one reason why van burton was meeting with putin, kissing the ring if i might say. we heard president putin yesterday warning that there could be retaliatory moves against western interests if they ratchet up their sanctions. he said he may have to look at western energy deals in russia. >> we can see royal dutch shell up over 3%. alstom -- we are waiting. i am getting excited about alstom. it was called up 20%. let's have a look at another stock, barclays. everybody is doing it. it is a bad bank. the commodities business, the fixed income business, some u.s. mortgage assets and european lending books in spain and italy. 54 billion euros worth of risk weighted assets. alstom up 11.8%. we called it 20%, it was up 12%. >> pretty good. >> let's have a look at heritage oil. we have another deal on the table. we are keeping that in focus. qatar's al miqrab agrees to buy heritage oil for $1.5 billion. 224 million pounds if you prefer. enough enter out of me. let's talk to johnnie. cpi on the way. are you both
Apr 29, 2014 3:00am EDT
a another big problem. it is called russia. are watching deutsche bank. we have had earnings. up aancine, wrapping conference call. he will not rule in or out any capital increases. a great deal of reporting over the week, the past week they have to were inspired billion in a new shares. revenues were down, profit was the dow. it was a beat on the numbers. would take a closer look. -- profits were down. -- we will take a closer look. months, back to microsoft. with the purchase of the phones or units. nokia have announced that rajeev suri will be taking the helm. much of a surprise. ofheads a unit that has 90% nokia sales. they'll resume and dividends. money going back to shareholders which is 3 billion euros. a cut in their debt by 2 billion euros. what they were looking at right now. peugeot att that of the open. we are also watching electronics. the european semiconductor. little bit more narrow than analysts had predicted. later this hour, we will speak to the chief executive. his first interview of the day. down some 2%. with had a lot of earnings. we are looking at of the russian s
Apr 28, 2014 4:00am EDT
sanctions in russia. >> relief operations, i will give you a perfect example. sprey aircraft, a significant upgrade in capabilities in caves -- in terms of reaching out to remote areas. about thealking missing malaysia and aircraft, the president listening to what is being said in manila. he has been talking about the situation vis-À-vis russia. pfizer has confirmed a possible offer for astrazeneca. with more on that story, manus cranny and sam from bloomberg industries. let's start with you, sam. what do we know at this point and what don't we know? >> we know that pfizer made an approach in january. on the 16th of april, they came back again. as you and i were talking last week after the novartis -glaxosmithkline deal, that might have tweaked their interest again. there are many other regions where pfizer would be interested in an astrazeneca. that is what we know so far. we know what price they suggested in january. 46.61 pence. the rest is open to speculation going forward until may 26, when they have to make a formal decision. >> the reason it is going to happen in this way is that an
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5